Alex Sisson

Alex Sisson was an early member of the Nordic Ski Club (NSC). He advocated for support from both local and state governments for development of trails in the Anchorage area. He headed NSC’s Lands and Trails Committee from 1967 to 1970, was a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission, helped create Chugach State Park, and sat on the board of the Alaska Ski educational Foundation. He died in 1991. In his memory his family funded the building of the Alex Sisson Trail at Kincaid.

The Sisson Trail branches off from the Mize Loop at Kincaid. It heads downhill towards Cook Inlet then follows a mostly flat open area, a former gravel pit, until it heads back through a series of uphills to connect again to the Mize Loop. This trail is part of the Tour of Anchorage course, used to get from the Coastal Trail up to the Kincaid stadium.