Club Pioneers Don Richter (1926-2004) and Marion Richter

Nordic Ski Club pioneers Marion and Don Richter helped establish the club racing program.  Don was responsible for getting the Service High School trails started and built, which involved getting the land approved as Hillside Park, a borough park. This was a difficult process.

Forward-thinking, Marion convinced Coach Jim Mahaffey to include women on the AMU Ski Team, and the team became the first college ski team in the U.S. with a women’s program. Marion also raised money to provide a scholarship for women on the AMU team.

Both Marion and Don served in leadership roles in the Alaska Division of USSA. Don helped at club races with timing and course setting, and he often helped racers wax. Their children Ron and Pam were successful Jr. and Sr. skiers.

The classical skiing trail at the Hillside Park trails, the Richter Loop, is named in their honor.