Club Pioneers Judy Moerlein (1931-2017) and George Moerlein

You would think any couple with five boys would be busy enough. Judy and George Moerlein were mainstays in the first three decades of the Nordic Ski Club, launching the fledgling club and then working, indoors and out, at many meetings and on the trails.

Nordic Ski Club pioneers, George and Judy were instrumental in building the racing program in the 1960s and 1970s. Judy was president of the Alaska Division of USSA, which worked closely with NSC to hold club races and qualify Anchorage youth for Juniors Nationals.

George was an early volunteer groomer and trail builder who helped build the original Hillside 10 km trail. He also served as club secretary and capably became race secretary for club races and early large events such as the North American Championships. When asked why he and Judy and other parents were involved in the club, George in his characteristic gruff way said it was “because their little wretches were in it.”

The herringbone uphill on the Besh Lighted Loop just before the turn onto the Richter Loop is called “Moerlein Hill” in their honor.