Jon Elliott (1941-2022) and Pat Elliott

Although Pat and Jon Elliott were not longtime residents of Anchorage, during their time here they were instrumental in the club’s development of the Kincaid and Hillside trails and strengthening the racing program. The Elliotts helped design and build the original Kincaid trails, including the Lake Loop and the trails south of Raspberry Road, including the Horseshoe and Jodhpur Loops. Later, they were key in the development of the Mize Loop and Elliott’s Climb, trails heading north from the Kincaid stadium area. Jon was vice president during the 1972-’73 season, and Pat was race secretary for the club in 1974-’75. Jon kept the race trails groomed. Jon had been a member of the 1960 U.S. Olympic Team at Squaw Valley in ski jumping. Combining his jumping expertise with professional skills as a surveyor, Jon helped design the original Hillside jumps and helped coach jumpers at AMU.

After moving from Anchorage to Montana, Jon became an FIS Technical Delegate traveling internationally, and he was an Assistant Chief of Course (along with Anchorage’s Jim Mahaffey) at the 1980 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid, New York. In Montana, Jon started a company designing Nordic ski trails and building welded grooming sleds, putting his experience building trails and grooming in Anchorage to good use.