What to expect when skiing “the loop”

If heading out to Kincaid for a little loop skiing is in your plans this weekend, there are a few things you’ll need to know. The snowmaking is still going on, 24/7, and it is difficult to make snow AND have perfectly groomed trails.  The constant manufacturing of snow means that snow cats will be out be out […]

Happy Thanksgiving…it’s time to ski!

The snowmaking volunteers and Groomers were at it all night and have come up with a skiable loop, just in time for Thanksgiving!  As of 7:00 am the Green Loop (according to this new map) is now open for skiers.  Please ski with caution as there are still a few rough spots.  Our team will […]

They’re Back At It!

The conditions improved early this morning and things have been up and running all day.  It’s beginning to look like a winter wonderland on the Snowmaking Loop at Kincaid! Still not ready to ski, but they’re getting closer.  Remember to stay off the trails until the snowmaking crew has given the official “OK”.  It will be […]

Too Warm to Make Snow…No Skiing yet

The Crew made snow up until 5:00am this morning when the temperature and humidity levels rose too high.  The system has been shut down until the conditions improve. In the meantime, the Groomers have cracked open the piles of snow and spread them around on the trails to dry.  Please don’t be confused and assume it’s […]

Making Progress on the Pink Loop

Our fantastic snowmaking volunteers Tim, Jack, Mike and Matt along with our Groomers Craig and Bill have been taking shifts working around the clock for the last 4 days.  Craig reports that they are working on the “PINK” loop first because it’s closest and connects the two stadiums.  We will be referring to this color coded […]

The Guns are Blowing!

The Groomers started making snow around 10pm Wednesday night and had to shut the system down when the temperature rose too high.  They weren’t able to start up again until approximately 12:30 am this morning (Friday) and they’re still blowing!  The temperature has been a steady 22 degrees so they’re taking advantage of these optimal […]

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