There’s skiing at Beach Lake!

There’s skiing at beach lake! Bill has been on the trails and says they are rough but almost fully covered on the bridge, mamas, Main Street, low road, corral, junkyard, Sprint and the chalet loop. all those trails have been packed. Time to get the skis on!

We’ve got snow!

What a beautiful start to the winter season!  This new snow has some great body with just enough moisture to bond to the trails and not blow away or scrape off.  There could even be standing water in the low spots, so approach with caution. The Groomers are poised and ready to start developing the […]

Summer Trail Work: Lots of Pictures!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  Well, here are a few that tell a revitalizing story of trail work between World Cup going to the “S” turns at Kincaid Park.  They could also be part of a great promotional ad for Caterpillar;) Thank you Steve Beardsley for capturing our Groomers at work.  Enjoy!!

Summer Trail Work

KINCAID PARK:  Since the beginning of June, Craig and Bill have been at the park tending to some maintenance issues in order to return parts of the Margaux’s Lighted back to a Type I level ski trail.* This work involves a 6 step process: 1. Remove and chip encroaching brush. 2. Recondition existing trail cover into a […]

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