Enjoy the weekend at a rustic Alaskan lodge on Kroto Lake south of Mt. McKinley.  Ski 8 miles into the lodge with just a day pack.   Your gear and food will be brought in by the chalet owner on a snowmachine.   Enjoy awesome views of Denali, fantastic company, wonderful group cuisine, sauna and more skiing on various trails in the area.  Because the weather is often variable, bring clothing for wind, cold and snow.  Space is limited.   Dogs are not allowed on this tour and children must be 12 years old to participate.  Proof of COVID-19 vaccinations are required.  Cost is $120/person.  For more information, contact Karlene Leeper at 907-440-0049.

Registration opens Saturday, April 1st at 10am. Cost is $120/person

 All NSAA tours are accompanied by the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol.  If needed, they provide first aid and safety for tour participants.  We thank them for their valuable help.