Travel under the rugged and beautiful peaks of Archangel Valley and up Reed Creek for  a spectacular weekend of skiing and winter camping. Expect to ski about 3 ¾ miles before we set up camp, gaining about 500 feet of altitude in that distance.  Camp will be set up between Goodhope Creek and the former mine buildings near Snowbird Creek. We’ll dig a pit for a common area for cooking and set up tents near the pit.  Bring your own camping gear and food.  A parts list is on the website for suggestions.  Be prepared for the elements, wind, cold and precipitation, including rain.  For those skiing with their dogs, porcupines are in the area.

Registration opens Saturday, March 25th at 10am. All day tours are $25/person.

Reed Creek Packing List -pdf

Please check the weather forecast to prepare for this trip:

Hatcher Pass Forecast

All NSAA tours are accompanied by the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol.  If needed, they provide first aid and safety for tour participants.  We thank them for their valuable help.