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This is a 24-hour format for individuals and teams. Come enjoy this end-of-the-season event!


When: Saturday-Sunday, March 26-27, 2016, 10 am -10 am
Where: Kincaid Park

2016 SKAN 24 RACE BIBLE - all you need to know concerning this year's race!
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2016 marks the 6th Annual SKAN 24!

The SKAN (Ski Kincaid All Night) 24 is a lap-format race. You may race solo, as a duo relay, as a quad relay or even as part of an 8-person team. If a 24-hour ski race is a tad too daunting, we also offer a 12-hour race and a 6-hour race.  For our youngest skiers (ages 6-11), we offer a Junior Division: team of four for the 6-hour race only.  But the SKAN isn’t just about skiing for a ridiculously long timeā€¦ it’s about hanging out with friends, family and fellow competitors, it’s about camaraderie and competition, testing the limits of your body (and mind), eating a whole lot of BBQ & waffles, winning raffle prizes (raffle every six hours on the hour, all night long!), hanging out in the warming tents, and enjoying fabulous springtime skiing.  Not to mention the dance parties in the wax bunker, cheering for your fellow racers, skiing one-way trails backwards, and having something to look forward to every time you enter the stadium after a lap. 

Is it hard? Definitely.  Is it worth it? Without a doubt. Will you want to do it year after year because you had SO MUCH FUN? We promise.

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